The World At Large - Modest Mouse
I like songs about drifters, books about the same
They both seem to make me feel a little less insane
Walked on off to another spot
I still haven’t gotten anywhere that I want

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I will not open myself up this way again

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Modest Mouse - Sad Sappy Sucker (Full Album)


Thunderstorm cloud lamp

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‘Gay Cop Kiss’ Enrages Westboro Baptist Church, Unites Everybody Else

A cop has turned the tables on the Westboro Baptist Church after they posted a photo of him kissing his boyfriend in protest on Twitter… Read more.

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Filipino artist Noel Cruz transforms mass-produced dolls to create stunningly realistic one-of-a-kind figures of celebrities.” 

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Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945

the only girl i’ve ever loved

was born with roses in her eyes

but then they buried her alive

one evening, 1945

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